Who we are

Aurora50 is a DEI impact agency that promotes inclusive workplaces and diverse leadership. Through the power of connection and community, we are building a network of allies.

Based in the Middle East, we steer corporations to an inclusive future. We support corporate clients in their DEI goals. And we see their impact grow through the power of diversity.

Your dedicated partner in transforming the future of work. Redefine business norms. Forge the next generation of
inclusive leaders. Allow diversity and inclusion to thrive.

Our solutions



NOORA is a real-world community of talented, cross-industry corporate women. Our members range from first-time managers to seasoned leaders. These rising stars convene to support each other’s growth and professional success. The result: personal and corporate legacies. NOORA offers transformative workshops, high-powered networking and an online hub.



The Summit is more than an event. It is a convergence of change-makers: from regional and global leaders to government ministers and top executives. A space to explore emerging trends, to advance the DEI agenda and disrupt the status quo. The Summit is the region’s forum for transformation and lasting impact through diversity and inclusion.

Uniting for greater impact

True progress is a symphony, not a solo performance. At Aurora50, we want to foster enduring impact, with a synergy of collaboration. Our strategic alliances with industry leaders amplify everyone’s ability to drive lasting change.

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