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Aurora50 accredited as social enterprise

Ma'an certificate of social enterprise. Pictured - Aurora50's signed certificate of social enterprise from Ma'an, the UAE Authority of Social Contribution, issued 22/12/2023.
Suzanne Locke 10 January 2024
Aurora50 has received official recognition as a UAE social enterprise.
Ma’an, the Abu Dhabi Authority of Social Contribution, accredited Aurora50 as an Abu Dhabi social enterprise in December 2023.
Ma’an’s scheme is the first of its kind in the UAE and gives recognition to socially driven organisations.

What is a social enterprise?

Aurora50, founded in 2020 by Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan and Diana Wilde, has been accredited for its work in gender balance and inclusion, such as our NOORA network for corporate women and The Inclusion Summit.
Social enterprises create a balance between economic gains and social objectives.
Being a social enterprise means that a business has a mission to address social challenges and create social impact.

Aurora50’s reinvestment pledge

Ma’an only accredits Abu Dhabi-licenced organisations that have a social goal as part of their objectives and that are committed to:
  • reinvesting at least 30 percent of profits into business and social causes
  • generating at least 40 percent of capital from services and trading.
Aurora50 has pledged to allocate 51 percent of its annual net profits and reinvest it into the business.
By focusing on creating inclusive leaders and teams, we’re building environments where every voice is heard and valued.
Aurora50 co-founder Diana Wilde

‘An inclusive future’

The vetting process is thorough and Ma’an – which operates under the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi – audited Aurora50’s finances for the past three years to certify the company as a social enterprise.
Aurora50 co-founder Ms Wilde says: “We’re thrilled to be officially recognised as a social enterprise.
“Our vision is to shape an inclusive future for the betterment of working generations to come.


“By focusing on creating inclusive leaders and teams, we’re building environments where every voice is heard and valued.
“Together, we’re shaping a workplace that not only empowers women but also drives excellence, innovation and progress for all.”
Ma’an – which means ‘togetherness’ in Arabic – wants its branding recognition stamp to help socially-driven businesses to grow sustainably in a highly competitive market.

Third sector

Abu Dhabi is focusing on developing the work of the so-called ‘third sector’ – non-profit associations, non-government organisations (NGOs) and social enterprises, alongside the public and private sectors to support a culture of social contribution.
The emirate is positioning itself as a global hub for social entrepreneurship.
Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, says social enterprises make “real and tangible differences to people’s everyday lives” and can “touch people’s lives for the better in our communities in years to come”.

Social enterprise incubator

Since its 2019 launch, Ma’an has launched five incubator cycles and incubated more than 75 social enterprises.
Other UAE social enterprises accredited by Ma’an include:
  • The Butterfly, an advocacy service for people of determination
  • sustainability consultancy Eedama
  • FortyGuard, a cleantech start-up using AI to cool cities
  • ImInclusive, a MENA disability inclusion hub connecting people with disabilities to inclusive jobs
  • Incluzun, an inclusive education consultancy providing learning support assistants to schools.
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