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The new community for talented and ambitious corporate women who lead with impact. Aurora50 takes immense pride in launching the ground-breaking NOORA initiative. We thank our esteemed founding partners: Accenture, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), Emirates Group, ENOC and TAQA. Together, we are shaping a real-world community for like-minded and ambitious women. We hope to inspire many more organisations to join NOORA, and to collaborate for even greater impact.

Corporate women's network launches for its inaugural members

NOORA's founding partners


TJ Lightwala

Accenture Marketing Senior Practice Lead & Inclusion and Diversity lead in the Middle East

“Being part of NOORA reflects our commitment to building a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and equality, fuelled by visionary leadership. Through tangible actions and unwavering support, we strive to create an inclusive organisation where women thrive and break through barriers, ensuring they reach their full potential.”

Katherine Hahm

General Counsel and Head of Ethics & Business Integrity at Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA)

“At EGA, we’ve always championed the advancement of women in our industry, understanding that their unique perspectives and skills are integral to our success. NOORA provides a much-needed platform for women to forge connections, exchange ideas and amplify their professional growth.”

Oliver Grohmann

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Emirates Group

“The NOORA initiative dovetails with our continued efforts to empower all women at the Emirates Group, and we hope to inspire other businesses to follow suit. By combining resources, expertise and networks, we can accelerate the creation of a pipeline of women leaders who can make long-lasting impact.”

HE Saif Humaid Al Falasi


“This partnership represents a strategic step for ENOC Group towards empowering our female employees and fostering an environment that champions their success, supporting their personal and professional growth, ultimately to benefit the entire Group as we strive for excellence together.”

Nabil Almessabi

Chief Human Resources Officer, TAQA

“NOORA will act as an important platform for networking and provide a community for professional women. At TAQA, we are committed to identifying opportunities that will empower and enhance the experience of our female employees and create an ecosystem where they thrive professionally and have fulfilling careers at TAQA.”

NOORA features

Dual chapters

NOORA features two distinct chapters - the lobby for first-time managers and the mezzanine for established leaders

Corporate and individual membership

  • Corporations nominate and sponsor talented women employees
  • Corporate women self-finance and join independently

Holistic engagement

Members will join face-to-face workshops and networking events. They can communicate online any time via the NOORA platform

Strategic inner circle

Members will cultivate invaluable connections, enhance leadership skills and refine career strategies. They will contribute their personal experiences for mutual growth - and learn from the best

Inclusive belonging

Members will experience an authentic sense of belonging, in this community crafted by and for corporate women

Driving change

Members will have the opportunity to tackle industry challenges, solve operational challenges and drive better business outcomes

NOORA membership journey

Transformative workshops

A minimum of four power-packed workshops annually. All are to drive maximum impact for members and their organisations.

NOORA workshop - Emirati woman speaking

High-powered networking events

A minimum of two signature networking events annually, where members will forge invaluable relationships.

Online NOORA platform

A virtual hub of continuous learning, resources, discussions and opportunities - for both members and their organisations.

NOORA benefits for corporations

Forge a dynamic, diverse workforce of excellence

Bolster retention of talented women, and foster a culture that supports their growth

Position your brand as a gender equality influencer

Hit gender balance targets, fuel innovative thinking and ensure future success

Cultivate a collaborative female community for mutual growth and support

Fulfil corporate responsibilities for ESG and UN SDG 5 (gender equality and women's empowerment

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Bahraini women making waves in 2022

Statistics about women at work in Bahrain to celebrate Bahraini Women’s Day.

29 November 2022


Illustration of video meeting

NOORA webinar – social engagement

Discover the art of expanding your influence by leveraging social media for network advocacy and personal growth.

11 February 2024

NOORA members’ workshop – leadership & digital disruption

This workshop will challenge leadership skills while tackling digital disruption.

13 June 2024

NOORA networking event – iftar

A memorable evening of connections at our upcoming NOORA networking event.

14 March 2024

Woman Emirati engineer working in port wearing brown EGA uniform and protective glasses and white helmet. Picture courtesy EGA|Aurora50 banner|Julie Cunningham, EGA Pathway20 participant on Aurora50 background|Laila Saif, EGA Pathway20 participant on Aurora50 background|Hind Al Ali, EGA Pathway20 participant on Aurora50 background|Girl participates in EGA Aluminium Design Challenge. Picture courtesy EGA|Diverse male and female EGA employees line up, all in EGA blue uniform and white protective helmets. Picture courtesy EGA|Khuloud Suhool, General Superintendant at EGA, in her EGA blue uniform, protective glasses and white protective helmet, holds aluminium bar with stack of aluminium bars behind. Picture courtesy EGA|Emirati man and woman talking outdoors. Picture courtesy EGA|Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, EGA’s Chief Executive Officer:

EGA visit for NOORA members

At this event, founding NOORA partner EGA will showcase their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and gender balance initiatives. This offers members a unique opportunity to explore partner facilities, gaining first-hand insights into operational processes and foster a deeper understanding of the impactful work being done on-site.

26 February 2024

Emirates Group headquarters, Airport Road, Dubai

Emirates Group visit for NOORA members

NOORA members are invited to visit the headquarters of The Emirates Group, one of NOORA’s founding partners. This visit will include: a presentation on The Emirates Group’s gender balance initiatives a roundtable discussion with Emirates Group women leaders a networking lunch an optional tour after for those who have more time.

17 January 2024

NOORA members’ workshop: AI

Upskilling session: Change management – Embracing new technologies – Accenture Panel discussion: EGA, Emirates Group, G42, Mubadala and TAQA discuss their companies’ work around AI and innovation and their existing or planned AI policies and regulation Keynote address: Generative AI – Accenture Activation session: Roundtable discussions for all members to dissect key AI topics

17 January 2024

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