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An open letter from our co-founder, Diana Wilde

Dear friends and fellow change-makers,
Reflecting on Aurora50's journey fills me with immense pride and gratitude for the ongoing impact we create every day.
It all began in 2020 when Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan and I shared a profound belief: that diversity holds the power to change the world for the better.
Aurora50 emerged from a visionary dream - to make our world more inclusive.

Starting at the top

Our journey started with a courageous idea: to ignite change from the very top. In the UAE at the time, women held just 3.5 percent of board seats. Today that figure stands at 10.8 percent, and 5.2 percent across the GCC, according to comprehensive data released in our GCC Board Gender Index 2024, in partnership with Heriot-Watt University Dubai.
We knew change was a necessity. And so we launched our first initiative - the board accelerator Pathway20.
Little did we know that, four days later, the world would plunge into a pandemic.
Yet despite the adversity, we found corporate partners who shared our vision, values and a determination to make a difference.

Driving transformation

In November 2020, we welcomed our first cohort of women leaders. We watched women take on board seats and organisations join our cause. We shed tears of joy and cherished each moment of transformation.
Aurora50 has since evolved into a formidable force. We have partnered with influential organisations - public and private, local and multinational - and expanded across the GCC.
Together, we are driving transformation.

Our vision

Shaping an inclusive future, for the betterment of working generations to come.

Our mission

Building the business ecosystem where diversity drives transformation and innovation. United, we dare to challenge, lead with profound impact and drive humanity forward.

Harnessing diversity

In 2023, we launched NOORA, our corporate women’s network, with founding partners Accenture, EGA, Emirates Group, ENOC and TAQA. This network ensures that talented women have the networks and access they need to lead their organisations.
We were officially accredited as a social enterprise by Ma'an, the Abu Dhabi Authority of Contribution. Ma’an’s scheme is the first of its kind in the UAE and gives recognition to socially driven organisations. Aurora50 has pledged to allocate 51 percent of its annual net profits and reinvest it into the business.
And we partnered with MullenLowe MENA for the award-winning Fixing the bAIs campaign, to fix AI’s gender bias using AI itself.
We are building a world where diversity is not just welcomed, but harnessed to its full potential. A world where equity and inclusion drive progress and prosperity.
We continue to champion the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) agenda with passion and determination. Our purpose is unwavering.
Much as the mesmerising Aurora Borealis lights up winter nights, we are on a mission to create a brighter, more inclusive future.

Every shade of talent

We want every shade of talent to shine at work.

We invite you to join us on this journey, whether you’re:

  • an organisation strengthening your DEI efforts
  • an individual passionate about change
  • or a potential partner eager to collaborate.
Together, we can profoundly impact our workplaces, communities and the world.
With hope and determination,

Diana Wilde
Co-founder, Aurora50

Our core values

Passion Icon


We are driven by an unwavering passion to create a world where:

  • diversity is celebrated
  • equity is a reality
  • and inclusion is the new norm.

Every action we take and every initiate we embark upon is driven by a deep and genuine passion for positive change and impact.

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We believe that purpose is the compass that guides us through the complex and evolving landscape of DEI. It ensures that our efforts always align with our ultimate goal: a fair and inclusive society.

Partnership Icon


We recognise that meaningful DEI progress is achieved only through collaboration and partnership. We value the strength of alliances with our clients, communities and stakeholders. We work together to co-create solutions, share insights,and drive collective impact.

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We acknowledge that the path to achieving DEI is an enduring journey. We continue to learn, evolve, and adapt, so we can drive progress and make a meaningful impact along the way.


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