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Unlock new horizons with our
corporate partnership programme.

Elevate your organisation’s impact through our exclusive corporate partnership programme, NOORA.
By joining hands with us, you’re taking a decisive step to nurture and accelerate high-potential women within your ranks.
Complete the form below. Aurora50 will contact you about your NOORA corporate membership enquiry within two working days. We will use your preferred contact method.
Here’s how your organisation can benefit:
Retain and empower high-potential women: Our platform offers a nurturing environment where high-potential women can thrive, grow and contribute. With NOORA, you can retain and accelerate the development of your talented female workforce.
Unlimited high-potential invitations: Depending on your chosen package, extend invitations to as many high-potential women as you wish. Empower a broad spectrum of talent within your organisation to participate and benefit.
Showcase diversity and inclusion: As a corporate partner, you’re signalling your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Present your brand as a leader in fostering gender balance and equal opportunity.
Align to global initiatives: Fulfil social responsibility requirements, including ESG goals. Our corporate partnership programme directly contributes to meeting the UN’s SDG 5, focused on gender equality and empowering women.
Join us as a corporate partner and be the driving force behind positive change in your organisation and beyond.