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Three tips when negotiating a pay rise

|Tips on negotiating a pay rise - 3. Negotiate Thursday or Friday|Tips on negotiating a pay rise - 1. Know your value|Tips on negotiating a pay rise - 2 Ask for a very specific number
Diana Wilde 18 September 2023
Our co-founder, Diana Wilde, shared her thoughts on getting a pay rise for International Equal Pay Day – namely, getting recruiters’ advice on what your role is worth in the market, being specific when negotiating a pay rise… and negotiating on a Thursday or Friday for the best result.
The very first thing is really to know your value to know what your specific industry or your geographic area is actually paying, so that you’re really clear on where where the gap is.
If you’re not sure about that, go and speak to a recruiter. They always are in the know with what’s happening in the market.
When you go in atod speak to your employer, you want to be asking for a very specific number.
Statistically, you’re much more likely to get what you want, because the employer will assume that you’ve done a lot more homework about what the market rate is.
You should look to ask towards the end of the week. From a psychological perspective we’re a little bit more open to these kinds of negotiations towards the end of the week. So we’d recommend that you go in to have that conversation on a Thursday or Friday.