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The National: UAE launches initiative to boost number of women on boards

Aurora50 In the media - The National
Suzanne Locke 9 March 2020
A new programme launched on International Women’s Day on Sunday aims to improve female representation at board level in the UAE, The National eports.
The Pathway20 ’20 for 2020′ initiative, launched by Sheikha Shamma Al Nahyan, will offer 20 women the opportunity to take part in a year-long professional development course that provides them with board-level experience.
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has become the “anchor partner” for the scheme, selecting the first two of the 20 participants. The remaining 18 places on the programme will be reserved for future partners, who will select their own participants, the statement said.
“This initiative is about creating a pathway which enables inclusiveness and creates opportunities,” Sheikha Shamma said. “By placing more women into board positions we’re enriching the perspective of boardrooms across the UAE, and thus creating a work environment where business operations have an opportunity to perform optimally,” she added.
“By championing equality and ensuring balanced representation on boards, we can create a culture of diversity that is essential in combating ‘groupthink’ and driving competitiveness.”