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The National: Listed UAE companies more than double number of female board members in diversity push

Aurora50 in the media - The National, 16/06/22
Suzanne Locke 16 June 2022
The number of women in board positions rose to 77 seats in 2022, from 29 seats in 2020, The National reported, quoting the research report Non-executive Board Careers in the UAE: A Path to Gender Balance published by Aurora50 and the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) and sponsored by ADNOC.
Listed companies in the UAE have more than doubled the number of women on their board of directors since 2020, as part of the country’s  efforts to improve gender diversity among corporations.
The report, The National said, found that limited networks, a lack of organisational support, a dearth of board members to nominate them and an unclear career path to the board were the main factors hindering the progress in taking a seat at the table.

Plan move to the board early on

Survey respondents urged organisations to provide shadowing or mentorship opportunities, with potentially all senior female leaders being assigned mentees.
Others suggested internal and external networking opportunities, professional development and career opportunities similar to those available to male colleagues.
The report, The National said, also highlights key strategies for aspiring women to reach independent board positions within a decade. These include planning their move to the board early on, developing soft skills, networking and focusing on their personal brand among others.
Read about the five steps aspiring board directors need to take to reach an independent role in 10-15 years and download the full research report for free.