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TAQA signs MoU with Aurora50

TAQA Jasim Husain Thabet MoU signing with Diana Wilde. 22 May 2023
Suzanne Locke 22 May 2023
TAQA, the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Aurora50 for two years to help foster a more inclusive diverse, and equitable workplace.
The MoU was signed at an event hosted by TAQA’s Women’s Council by TAQA’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Jasim Husain Thabet, and Aurora50 co-founder Diana Wilde.
Aurora50 is a social enterprise that works with listed, large-scale and high-growth companies in achieving all diversity, equity and inclusion goals.
The MoU expresses TAQA’s desire to collaborate with Aurora50 to:
  • support its community in creating a more inclusive organisation
  • establish TAQA as a thought leader in the DEI space
  • provide its senior leaders with external speaking opportunities at Aurora50 events, when relevant.