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Khaleej Times: Female representation on corporate boards ‘vital’ for growth

Aurora50 in the media - Khaleej Times - 13/12/22
Suzanne Locke 14 December 2022
There’s a business case for more female representation on corporate boards, panellists said at the Khaleej Times’ Middle East Women Board of Directors Forum.
In a session on gender balance in boardrooms, Diana Wilde, co-founder, Aurora50, said research shows that companies with greater diversity have higher revenue and are better at getting into new markets.
“There’s a business case for it then why isn’t it happening and what do we need to do about it?” she said.
Ms Wilde added that perceptions about women on the boards of companies are not a reality.
“If we can tackle those and help connect people who believe in diversity, we can really make a change,” she said.