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Emiratisation rate now checked every six months

Emirati woman on AD Ports Group's GLOW accelerator
Suzanne Locke 7 March 2023
The Emiratisation rate must now reach a continuous one percent every six months, rather than just two percent annually.
The new mechanism applies to mainland private-sector companies with more than 50 employees, and to skilled jobs only.
Their UAE national workforce numbers will now be checked every 1 January and 1 July.
Firms that don’t achieve the one percent Emiratisation target growth by 1 July 2023 will be fined Dh7,000 per month for each UAE national who has not been hired.
The number of Emiratis working in the private sector jumped by 70 percent, to 50,000, last year compared to 2021.
Some Dh400 million worth of fines were issued in 2022.
Aurora50 co-founder Diana Wilde says the private-sector should aim to become inclusive to all while providing opportunities to UAE nationals. Creating solutions that resonate with everyone and also leverage local knowledge is a “win-win”, she says.
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