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Emirati woman Shamsa Al-Falasi made Citi CEO

Shamsa Al Falasi, Citi's CEO, UAE Onshore Branch. Picture courtesy of Citi
Suzanne Locke 19 April 2023
In the biggest news of this year’s private-sector Emiratisation drive, international bank Citi has appointed Emirati woman Shamsa Al-Falasi as its CEO of the UAE onshore branch.
Ms Al-Falasi has worked with Citi for almost two decades.
She has been interim chief of Citi UAE’s onshore branch since January 2023, and interim country officer. A permanent appointment is still be made for this role.
This is a landmark appointment which testifies to Shamsa’s talent and leadership skills. Ebru Pakcan, CEO of Citi’s Middle East and Africa Cluster
She will also be chief administrative officer for its entire UAE operations, onshore and offshore.
Ms Al-Falasi is a board member at the American Business Council in Dubai and co-head of the Citi Women’s Network UAE.
“I am delighted to have the opportunity to be the first Emirati woman to lead Citi’s UAE onshore businesses and operations, and contribute to the overall franchise performance,” Ms Al-Falasi said.

Third Emirati woman bank chief

“We have a seasoned team in the country, and together we will continue to provide the highest standards of products and services to our clients.”
Ebru Pakcan, CEO of Citi’s Middle East and Africa Cluster, said: “This is a landmark appointment which testifies to Shamsa’s talent and leadership skills.”
With Ms Al-Falasi’s “elevation”, Ms Pakcan said she was sure Citi’s “flagship” UAE franchise “will continue on a trajectory of growth and success”.
Ms Al-Falasi has grown the ranks of Emirati women to lead the banking sector.
Rola Abu Manneh joined Standard Chartered Bank UAE as CEO in 2018, the first Emirati woman to head a bank in the UAE.
In 2021, Hana Al Rostamani was named Group Chief Executive Officer at First Abu Dhabi Bank.

CV: Shamsa Al-Falasi

  • 2023: Citi – Interim Citi Country Officer (CCO) and interim CEO of Citibank, NA UAE Onshore Branch
  • 2018: Citi – Head of Global Subsidiaries Group in GCC and Iraq, based in the UAE
  • 2015: Citi – Head of the Global Subsidiaries Group for the UAE and Iraq
  • 2014: Citi – Director – Regional Business Manager – MENA
  • 2012-14: Citi – Vice President, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2012: Citi – Vice President, London, UK. Transaction execution group, capital management
  • 2008: Citi – Vice President, managing portfolio of multinational corporates. Based in MENA
  • 2010: Citi – Assistant Vice President, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 2007: Citi – Manager of portfolio of multinational corporates. Based in the UAE
  • 2004: Citi – Assistant Manager to both local and international corporate clients.
  • 2002: Citi – Executive trainee – managed internship programme
  • 2002: Emirates Bank – Marketing Manager and Customer Services Officer
  • 2000, 2002: Emirates, summer trainee