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Dubai Eye 103.8: Business Breakfast – Does the glass ceiling exist in 2023?

Aurora50 in the media - Diana Wilde on Dubai Eye Business Breakfast 08/03/23
Suzanne Locke 8 March 2023
Aurora50 co-founder Diana Wilde talks to Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast on International Women’s Day about the “chilling” statistic the United Nations published this week saying that gender equality is 300 years away.
Ms Wilde discusses the number of women on boards rising from 3.5 percent in 2020 to 8.9 percent in 2022, thanks to the SCA’s quota and to accelerators such as Pathway20 – and an anticipated 10 or 11 percent this year after the ‘season’ of annual general meetings finishes.
She also discusses getting more women into leadership and C-suite executive roles, thanks to the “trickledown” from more diversity of thought in the boardroom, and the fact that not all private-sector UAE companies feel comfortable signing the Gender Balance Council 30 percent pledge as they may have different challenges, such as equality at graduate level but not within mid-management.
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