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ADNOC receives Guinness World Records certificate

ADNOC's Fatema Al Nuaimi and Aurora50 co-founder Diana Wilde hold the Guinness World Records certificate at a February 2024 presentation ceremony of the certificate for the 'most pledges to gender equality in the workplace in 24 hours' campaign jointly won by the two companies in November 2023, as ADNOC's Eiman Alhammadi (L) and a Guinness World Records adjudicator (R) stand by their sides. Picture courtesy of ADNOC
Suzanne Locke 10 February 2024

In February Guinness World Records™ presented ADNOC with their certificate after ADNOC and Aurora50 jointly won a world record for gender equality in the workplace – making both companies Officially Amazing™.

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Some 7,000+ change-makers signed our pledge for gender equality in the workplace between 9-10 November 2023, breaking the Guinness World Records 24-hour campaign record.

A majority of the pledges came from UAE-based workforces, underlining the UAE’s ongoing commitment to gender equality.

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‘Transformational journey’

Pictured holding the certificate are Fatema Al Nuaimi (left), ADNOC Executive Vice President, Downstream Business Management, and Gender Balance Chairperson, and Diana Wilde, co-founder of Aurora50 (right).

To Ms Al Nuaimi’s left is Eiman Alhammad, ADNOC’s SVP Group Human Capital Strategy & Organisation Effectiveness. A Guinness World Records adjudicator stands to Ms Wilde’s right.

Ms Al Nuaimi said: “ADNOC’s continued success is fostered through diversity. At ADNOC, women are playing key roles in our ongoing transformational journey to a lower carbon future and occupy 20 percent of senior leadership positions.

‘Prioritise diversity’

“As a responsible global energy provider, we will continue to prioritise diversity and inclusion and provide the necessary support to enable our employees build successful careers and unlock their full potential.”

Ms Wilde added: “This remarkable initiative underscores our commitment to promoting diversity, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

“We hope our successful record attempt will convert into real action and change over the coming year.”

Pledge’s principles

The five principles of the pledge are:

  1. Principle 1 – gender equality. Promote gender equality by treating all colleagues equally, regardless of gender and advocate for initiatives that promote gender equity.
  2. Principle 2 – actively listen. Actively listen to the ideas, concerns and experiences of women and men equally, ensuring they have a voice in meetings and in decision-making.
  3. Principle 3 – address & challenge bias. Be vigilant about addressing and challenging any gender bias, stereotypes, or discriminatory behaviour when encountered.
  4. Principle 4 – mentor & sponsor. Offer equal mentorship and sponsorship opportunities to women and men, helping them advance in their careers.
  5. Principle 5 – celebrate achievements. Recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions of all employees in the workplace.

Pledgers received a downloadable toolkit to help them work through the principles of gender equality and understand how they can individually make a difference in the workplace.