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AD Ports Group runs Aurora50’s GLOW leadership accelerator for second year

Container ship is checked by male and female workers from The Abu Dhabi Ports Group | Picture courtesy of the Abu Dhabi Ports Group
Editor 5 October 2022
AD Ports Group is running the GLOW (Gain Leadership Opportunities for Women) in-house leadership accelerator with Aurora50 for a second year.
GLOW, an eight-week programme customised exclusively for AD Ports Group, focuses on both the personal development and technical capabilities of AD Ports Group’s Emirati women employees.
In launching GLOW, Maitha Al Murar, Group Chief HR Officer, AD Ports Group, said: “With GLOW, AD Ports Group is preparing competent Emirati woman to feel confident in leadership roles, helping their current development and enabling them to feel assured of their value in both business and in society.”

Many women ‘lack confidence, exposure’

She said many women lack “confidence, exposure and assertiveness”, which stops them progressing in their career to get the “roles they desire”.
“It’s not the lack of female Emirati talent in the region that leads to men owning 90 percent of UAE private businesses and 70 percent of leadership roles,” she added.
Ms Al Murar herself graduated from Aurora50’s Pathway20 accelerator to prepare women for their first independent board role.

UAE’s women ‘cherished as equals’

“I can honestly say that through all my accomplishments so far, the journey to leadership as an Emirati woman in the UAE has come with its personal challenges and social obstacles,” she said.
“I felt it was essential to support other Emirati women by sharing the knowledge gained from this journey.”
Writing on LinkedIn about working to elevate her career to the board level, Ms Al Murar said the UAE’s leadership has been “laser-focused” on ensuring that women are “guaranteed a wealth of opportunities” and are “cherished as equals” in the building of the nation.
[Aurora50 template] Maitha Al Marar ,group chief HR officer for the Abu Dhabi Ports Group Maitha Al Marar, Group Chief HR Officer, Abu Dhabi Ports Group

Government’s support ‘especially helpful’

“Within industries, especially those traditionally dominated by men, the government’s patronage and support for diversity and equality has been extremely helpful,” she added.
“The government is key to supporting our efforts by enabling all women to advance in leadership positions within industries – maritime, trade and logistics included – that have traditionally been dominated by men.”
Aurora50 works with regional organisations to build a strong pipeline of high-potential women leaders through AIM, a customisable accelerator for internal management. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.