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Fast-track your organisation’s talented, executive GCC women to board level

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Here’s how your organisation can benefit:
Developing women’s careers is good for talent acquisition and retention:

  • attract and retain top female talent
  • create a stronger overall talent pool
  • foster a more engaged workforce.

Reap the benefits of increased engagement and loyalty, and reduce costly staff turnover.

Diverse board leadership results in better decision-making and performance: With countries like the UAE setting quotas, and with board diversity and skills widely published, it is imperative to ensure gender diversity on your board/s. It is also proven to improve collaboration, stock returns and shareholder relations.
Growth mindset and mentor/ sponsor opportunities: Pathway20 participants and alumna develop a growth mindset to take ownership of their own career and board advancement. They can also act as a role model and help and advise their colleagues
A proactive approach to diversity enhances company brand and reputation: Commitment to gender equality and inclusion makes your business attractive to new customers and investors – and has a proven impact on regional companies’ ESG ratings.
Participants build valuable network for future business ventures: Connecting with board directors and executives creates a valuable network that can open doors to business opportunities and build stakeholder relations.
Investing in women’s leadership improves succession planning: Ensure your organisation’s stability by future-proofing leadership and creating a steady pipeline of talent to rise to the top.
Join us as a corporate partner and be the driving force behind positive change in your organisation and beyond.